Our Laboratory

The building

SynCat@Beijing has a brandnew building with four floors. It offers about 1500mof lab space and about 1500m2 of space for offices and meeting rooms. 

The instrumentation

SynCat@Beijing has new equipment for studying catalysts and materials.

There are large instruments such as

- A near ambient pressure in-situ XPS combined with a near-ambient pressure SPM (NAP-XPS/SPM)  from SPECS Surface Nano Analysis

- An STM system in combination with LEED and fast XPS from Omicron

- A RAIRS setup in combination with fast XPS and AES/ LEED from Omicron

- An XPS K-alpha system for routine measurements

- A FEI Thalos system for transmission electron microscopy

Apart from that, equipment is available for

- inorganic and organic synthesis

- photocatalysis and electrochemistry

- material characterization

- various spectroscopies

- catalytic testing