Dr. Ajin Cheruvathur


+86 10 6068 3839

Vibrational Spectroscopy


Ajin Cheruvathur completed masters in Analytical Chemistry from University of Calicut, India. During the master program and post-master internship at Indian Institute of Space-Science & Technology (IIST), he developed research interests in synthesis, characterization and applications of polymer nano-composites. Industrial experience from GE Plastics / SABIC Innovative Plastics, improved his skills in multistep organic synthesis, various spectroscopy techniques, and process control analysis.

In September 2009, he commenced his doctoral studies at Eindhoven University of Technology, under the supervision of prof. Hans Niemantsverdriet. The research focus was on the application of various surface-sensitive spectroscopy techniques to study flat-model Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalysts. After the graduation as PhD, he joined Syngaschem BV in February 2014. He further specialized his skills in in-situ Raman spectroscopy at University of Twente.

In May 2015, he joined SynCat@Beijing.