Future staff of SynCat@Beijing gathers at Nuenen, The Netherlands, and brainstorms on research to come

May 26-28, 2014. Syngaschem BV has organized a workshop together with its partner, Synfuels China at ‘Het Boordhuys’ in Nuenen, The Netherlands, hosting around 25 people. The coming staff of SynCat@Beijing was present as well as Syngaschem’s Advisory Board, a delegation of Synfuels China. Various guests and collaborators participated as well.

Lectures were given by Prof. Mike Bowker (Advisor Syngaschem BV, Cardiff University) on Surface Science, Prof. Haijun Jiao (Rostock University) on DFT, and Dr. Jörg Jinschek (FEI) on transmission electron microscopy. Updates on current research activities were given by dr. Gilbère Mannie and dr. Chenghua Zhang from Syngaschem BV as well as Dr. Xiaodong Wen from Synfuels China.

An interactive lecture on Scientific Leadership was given by Prof. Niemantsverdriet and Mr. Jan Karel Felderhof, while Prof. Rostrup-Nielsen (Advisor Syngaschem BV) gave a presentation on Research Management, sharing his vast experience at Haldor Topsoe.

Finally, dr. Jose Gracia presented the research concept of SynCat@Beijing in order to kick-off brainstorming sessions about how to make a real difference in future catalysis research, which induced intense and active discussions among all participants. In general, this was perceived as a highlight of the workshop, not in the least, because it aspired the open and creative culture which is intended to characterize SynCat@Beijing.

All these efforts were balanced by a relaxed social activity: Lex Grote, artist from Eindhoven, gave a workshop painting, which was enjoyed by everyone despite unfavorable weather conditions.

A separate recruitment event was organized for new applicants to our vacancies, as well. They all a gave presentation in an symposium-like atmosphere and took multiple interviews. Two job offers were made.

Published on: June 5, 2014