SynCat@Beijing is the Synfuels China Laboratory for Fundamental Research dedicated to the science and technology for clean fuels from coal based on molecular scale understanding. We strongly believe that scientific insight at this level form the key to significant technological improvements.

At SynCat@Beijing, a young internationally oriented team works with state-of-the-art equipment in surface science, material science, electron microscopy and catalysis on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, the heart of Clean Coal-to-Liquids technology (CTL). Catalytic product work-up, CO2 chemistry, and sustainable hydrogen production are other major topics for improving the economics of CTL and its carbon footprint. In addition there is a successful program on fine chemical synthesis using photocatalysis. Several projects are carried out in close cooperation with Synfuels China Research Department, with the Dutch laboratory SynCat@DIFFER of Syngaschem BV in Eindhoven, or with partners in the UK, Denmark, and South Africa. 

SynCat@Beijing has developed a high-profile education program on Surface science, Material Science, and Catalysis, in the framework of the SynCat Ac@demy. To support scientists in becoming recognized future leaders in their fields, the SynCat Ac@demy has developed and implemented a scientific leadership training program.

SynCat@Beijing has attractive postdoctoral positions available for internationally oriented candidates with a background in surface science and microscopy (see the tab “Our Vacancies”).