Syncat Ac@demy Scientific Leadership

SynCat@Beijing invests in its researchers by providing a scientific leadership training program

This program is designed for ambitious young scientists who want to become leading, accountable professionals in research and education in their future careers.  As a distinct part of SynCat Ac@demy, it is closely tied to Jan-Karel Felderhof, who is an acclaimed expert on self-leadership, and also Syngaschem’s Director Strategy, Organization and HR development.

The SynCat Ac@demy has the purpose to create individual and collective awareness and capabilities, combined with scientific, professional and leadership skills among the staff and partners of SynCat@Beijing. We firmly believe, that this is necessary to master the scientific and technological challenges laying ahead.

The core of the scientific leadership program is directed at being able to take on accountability based on powerful self-leadership qualities. The inner circle around the core aims at performing responsibly in a balanced way, based on solid self-management qualities. The outer circle is directed at developing and training personal competences and skills, like presenting, publishing, motivating, team building, planning, fund raising, and many other qualities.

Mastering self-leadership and self-management helps one to utilize competences and skills in a natural way. Personal strengths grow, when personal hurdles can be overcome. Persons who develop self-leadership and self-management capabilities simultaneously develop skills for becoming a renowned scientist, a successful manager and leader of their future students.

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