SynCat@Beijing building ready – first instruments are being installed while scientific staff moves towards Huairou

January 30, 2015. The new SynCat@Beijing laboratory has been delivered and is available for installation of instrumentation and furniture. As the scientific staff already could see during their visit in October 2014, SynCat@BJ is a fantastic building, with ample space, and lots of daylight throughout the entire building. Although still mostly empty for another 1-2 months, some surface science instruments are already being installed, namely a large STM- in situ XPS combination, and a routine XPS instrument for automated sample characterization.

Technician Yuqun Xu and research scientist Gilbere Mannie at the new XPS instrument.

Other instruments, such as an electron microscope, and more surface science equipment will follow after the Chinese New Year. Also furniture for offices and meeting rooms is expected to be delivered in March. Most laboratories on the third floor, the catalysis floor, are already equipped with lab tables, work benches and fume hoods, and hence activities can start shortly.

Part of the Spectroscopy Lab at the 3rd floor

The official opening is expected to be after Summer. Syngaschem cordially congratulates Synfuels China with this fine building, and wishes the entire SynCat community lots of success!

The SynCat Management Team in the Lobby of SynCat@BJ: Jian Xu, Jose Gracia, Xiaodong Wen and Hans Niemantsverdriet 

Published on February 2, 2015