“There’s no pure science, science is to solve problems.”

A joint workshop of SynCat@Beijng and DENSsolutions

Huairou, Beijing. In an effort to disseminate knowledge of and facilitate scientific discussion about the use of environmental transmission electron microscopy in catalysis research, SynCat@Beijing hosted a workshop in collaboration with DENSsolutions on March 9, 2017. The Dutch enterprise DENSsolutions from Delft is a renowned manufacturer of environmental flow cells that allow TEM experiments with catalysts under gas flows at relevant reaction temperatures.

Photo on the side: Dr Yong-Wang Li addressing the audience

As he welcomed around 70 participants if the work shop, Dr Yong-Wang Li, CEO of Synfuels China, also shared his view on scientific progress: “There’s no pure science, science is to solve problems.” In this spirit, the audience enjoyed several high-profile presentations as well as an experimental demonstration of this technique in real-time, and got a taste for the unprecedented potential, that in-situ TEM has for unravelling, what is actually going on in a real catalytic reactor.

Published on April 19, 2017