Chinese Academy of Sciences visits the surface science facilities of SynCat@Beijing

Huairou, May 8, 2017. Professor Chunli Bai, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited Synfuels China, while accompanied by an entourage of scientific and administrative support staff of at least 20 persons. The visit’s program included a short tour through the surface science and TEM facilities of SynCat@Beijing. Professor Bai, himself an accomplished surface scientist with considerable STM expertise, showed much interest in the UHV equipment, and asked many expert questions about the type of experiments going on in our laboratories.

Photo on the side: Tour through the surface science labs of SynCat@Beijing; From left to to right Prof Hans, Prof Jianguo Wang (director ICC Taiyuan), Dr Jian Xu (Managing Director SynCat@Beijing), Prof Chunli Bai (President Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof Xiadong Wen (Synfuels China), and Prof Yong Wang Li (CEO Synfuels China).

During the official part of the meeting, SynCat Director Prof Hans gave a 15 minute overview of SynCat’s history and the ongoing projects, and explained the philosophy behind the SynCat International network, with partners in Europe and South Africa. Prof Bai conveyed his compliments on what has been built up at SynCat@Beijing in a relatively short time of less than 2.5 years. In addition, he asked a few questions on the theory of oxygen evolution, which is one of the highlights of SynCat’s research program. Obviously, his high executive position as the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences does not keep him from being interested in the details of materials physics.

On the left, the official meeting between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (on the left side of the table, top left photo) and Synfuels China (on the right side) with Prof Hans presenting SynCat@Beijing (bottom left photo). On the right, Prof Bai, Prof Hans and Dr Xiong Zhou. 

Published on May 11, 2017