Dr. Xin Yu


+86 10 6068 3821

Surface Science, Heterogeneous Catalysis


Xin Yu graduated in Materials Chemistry (B.Sc) at China University of Geosciences (Beijing) while developping an interest in the characterization of materials and their catalytic activity. She got master degree in Physical Chemistry (M.Sc) at University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei), where she started working in surface science. In 2009, she joined Prof Hajo Freund’s group at the Fritz-Haber Institute in Berlin, Germany, and worked on preparation and characterization of thin silicate films (e.g. silica, zeolite and iron-silicate films) on metal single crystals to model heterogeneous catalysts. After obtaining her Ph.D degree there in 2013, she continued this work at the Fritz Haber Institute as a PostDoc.

Xin joined SynCat@Beijing in 2015. Her current research interest is studying the mechanism of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using a surface science approach.

Selected Publications

“Atomic Structure of an Ultrathin Fe-Silicate Film Grown on a Metal: A Monolayer of Clay?”
R. Wlodarczyk, J. Sauer, X. Yu, J. Boscoboinik, B. Yang, S. Shaikhutdinov, H.-J. Freund,  JACS 135 (2013) 19222-19228

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“Modeling Zeolites with Metal-supported Two-dimensional Aluminosilicate Films”
J. A. Boscoboinik, X. Yu, B. Yang, F. D. Fischer, R. Wlodarczyk, M. Sierka, S. Shaikhutdinov, J. Sauer, H.-J. Freund,  Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51 (2012) 6005-6008

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“Support Effects on the Atomic Structure of Ultrathin Silica Films on Metals”
X. Yu, B. Yang, J.A. Boscoboinik, S. Shaikhutdinov, H.-J. Freund, Appl. Phys. Lett. 100 (2012) 151608-1-4

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