Professor Roel Prins visits and lectures at SynCat@Beijing

August 24, 2015. Catalysis expert and long-time editor of the Journal of Catalysis Roel Prins visited SynCat@Beijing. The highlight of his stay at Huairou was his well attended lecture in the Einstein Lecture Theater, with the title “Eley-Rideal, the other mechanism in heterogeneous catalysis.” In contrast to the Langmuir-Hinshelwood mechanisms, where adsorbed species react to new molecules, the Eley-Rideal mechanism assumes that at least one of the reaction partners reacts by a direct collision from the gas phase. This often leads to energetically feasible pathways, however, as the geometry in the collision has to be exactly right, the overall probability that the process contributes is usually negligible.

Impressions from prof Prins visiting program in Huairou. Left picture: Prof Prins and dr Gilbere Mannie during a tour through SynCat@Beijing. As the connection to the main electricity grid has been established, scientists are now focussing on accelerating their laboratory activities. Right picture (top): Prof Prins demonstrates his physical fitness in the health club at the 4th Floor of the SynCat@Beijing building, notwithstanding his retirement from the university of several years ago. Right picture (bottom): While visiting the Synfuels Laboratories, Prof Prins was also introduced to Synfuels’ plans for a new CTL facility.

His presentation and the extensive discussions with the staff made this a very useful visit for (and well-apreciated by) the SynCat community.

Published on August 31, 2015